Nocturnal Sunrise
Alison Strange-Green

Nocturnal Sunrise

“Nocturnal Sunrise” is a collection of dark sombre verse reflecting the thoughts and memories of the author. Its deep and often menacing content reveals life as seen through her eyes. Each verse concentrates on the heart rendering pain explored within relationships, trying to capture the torment, pain and suffering that is felt when betrayed. Each poem tries to explore our deepest turmoil. Emotions we often refuse to recognise, demonising such thoughts as though they don’t exist. By ignoring such observations we become “lifeless corpses on our own empty stage of life”.

The idea of “Nocturnal Sunrise” grew out of a sadness that could never be lifted. Not unlike Pandora’s box which should never have been opened. Happiness shattered within a blink of an eye. Some sorrow lasts forever, especially those of memories. Never to be erased, forever within. Not only during waking hours, but when night falls. How ordinary thoughts are consumed by vivid memories both destructive and deviant. Such feelings were the basis behind “Nocturnal Sunrise”. How influences and comparisons exist in each and every waking hour. Never leaving, eventually engulfing all worth and twisting love into an obsession of hatred. Hidden beneath the darkened veil of sorrow and sadness lies great passion within the poetry. It would be difficult to feel such pain if such love had not been experienced. This is reflected by the use of angelic references in “Euphoria” and “Cherubs” as well as counteractive deathly images within “Grin” and “Worthless”.

A sporadic tale of realisation when true love is eventually found only to discover its darkened past. To delve into the deepest annals of human nature .The frustration felt when an injustice is done. “Nocturnal sunrise” compares the death of a relationship to that of a mortal. Each stage presents a different emotion with deepened sadness, blame, anger and ultimately revenge reflected in such poems as “Crucifixion” and “Peaceful Revenge”

Seeped in gothic undertones and imagery “Nocturnal Sunrise” also challenges the notion “love conquers all”. Love causes pain, but there is a glimmer of hope scattered throughout the poetry with uplifting moments of joyous times. More pure memories. It is indeed a morose and melancholy read but the message is positive.

“Memories and thoughts won’t fade not even for a while.
Reminders of our yesterdays dwelling deep inside”



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