Nocturnal Sunrise
Alison Strange-Green


Leaves adorned your mottled brow

The saddest sullen days

Visions running forwards

of our yesterdays


Tomorrow never came for you

Fate stopped you whilst you slept

In lovers arms you faded

Leaving pride and loneliness


Together now alone in death

To love you as l do

Sharing special memories

My mission seems untrue


For now a mournful entity

A merciful goodbye

No longer do visions flow here

One final whimpering cry



To haunt you in your nightmares

To hunt you in your dreams

To fear me an obligation

No one will hear you scream


You tortured me when in life

My infliction plain to see

Now in death I crucify you

Creating sorrow and misery


Shallow empty choices made

I shall change their course

Passion turns to hatred

You shall be no more


I wallow in your misery

Watch your spirits fall

Turn your thoughts to ashes

Break your soul once more


Grind your bones to cinders

Laugh and watch you bleed

Cripple you with fear

Things you’ve done to me


Torture your morality

It won’t be hard to do

Sickening tales of carnality

Spurious images, ugliness of you


Lacerate your being

Pleasure within the pain

Twisted minds between us

Enjoying every game


Open wounded, septic sores

You’re only just my prey

A parody of your lust

Existence to be claimed


Maybe when in retrospect

you should have towed the line

Time has passed so ceaselessly

through my razor twisted smile


The Count

To never see your face again

To never see you smile

My world would be a darker place

Your existence makes life worthwhile


To see you crying in the rain

A tortured vivid dream

Painful memories of old

There is no in-between


I will love you always

My heart is yours to keep

My love for you is boundless

For my darkest Count I weep


Standing in the morning rain

I looked upon your smile

Wishing you were my saviour

If only for a while


Protect me from this world

Horror and its grief

Hold you in my arms once more

Protect me while I sleep


I watched you slowly without ease

Without a single flicker       

Intently looking longingly

My reasoning unclear


A lustful gaze soon turned to love

then fear and revile

For you are just a photograph

from a more joyous innocent time


Everything it changes

Like photos in a frame

Sadness lives within my heart

due to the choices that you made


I used to pray you left me

Now instead for your return

The milk has turned sour

Leaving curdled memories in turn


The burden has been lifted

Converted into shame

Morning casts its radiance

Existence through our blame


The train has left the station

One final journey home

Broken souls amended

Arrival the unknown


Widows reflect idyllic scenes

Leaves of orange and of green

Autumn branches shedding skin

Reveal brittle truths of our sin


Heinous thoughts refuse to fade

I longed for them to die

Another journey over

My sweetest soul goodbye

Cobbled Road

Many years passed with time

My thoughts faded too

Sleepy bays, shallow waters

Time spent with you


Now regained within my heart

This memory is true

For blistering rays of sunny days

Evenings spent with you


Each single boat at harbour

swaying at the shore

Tranquil seas of promises

Idyllic thoughts are ours


The setting sun cast upon your face

Your beauty turned to charm

Memories of togetherness

Forever in your arms


Each rocky, winding, cobbled road

Floral bouquets hang high

Adorning shops and boutiques

Soaring to the skies


A memory is cast inside

A bond shared for a while

Left within a memory

Together falling, forever mine